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1 What is an Eco Road Festa?
  • It is the event to slowly and quietly enjoy the Valley Stream preserving the Oirase Stream sharing the charm of a Valley Stream.

  • Please refrain from driving your vehicle on the eco road on this particular day.

2 Does this traffic restriction occur at these events every year?
  • Vehicle Entrance regulations of the Autumn leaves seasons has been in effect since year 2008.

  • Every year it is scheduled to be held on the last Saturday and Sunday in October.

3 On this day can I go to Oirase Stream in my vehicle?
  • Please refrain.

4 Why should you transfer to the shuttle bus?
  • Oirase Stream runs along a mountain stream, so you can go there easily by car.

  • However, the noise and exhaust gas are never a good environment for mountain streams and nature.

  • In order to enjoy the sounds of the mountain stream and the beech forest in a quiet environment, we ask that you transfer to the shuttle bus. Thank you for cooperation and understanding.

5 Do low pollution vehicles (hybrid cars) need to transfer to the shuttle bus?
  • It designed to eliminate road congestion and improve the environment of the mountain stream. We are sorry, but thank you for you cooperation with the road closure.

6 Will the shuttle bus operate again next year?
  • It is scheduled to continue next year but the official date and time has not yet been decided.