Private Vehicle Traffic Restriction (questions and answers)

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1 What is an Eco Road Festa?
  • It is the event to slowly and quietly enjoy the Valley Stream preserving the Oirase Stream sharing the charm of a Valley Stream.

  • Please note that on this day vehicles will be regulated (Private Vehicle Traffic Restriction).

2 Does this traffic restriction occur at these events every year?
  • Vehicle Entrance regulations of the Autumn leaves seasons has been in effect since year 2008.

  • Every year it is scheduled to be held on the last Saturday and Sunday in October.

3 On this day can I go to Oirase Stream in my vehicle?
  • We apologize and thank you for your cooperation. We close from 10:00 - 14:00 on weekdays, and 09:00 - 15:00 on weekends except for large vehicles.

4 Why is it regulated?
  • Oirase Stream runs along a mountain stream, so you can go there easily by car.

  • However, the noise and exhaust gas are never a good environment for mountain streams and nature.

  • We regulate to enjoy the streams of Mountain Streams and Beech Forest in a quiet environment, we thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

5 Why are you only regulating my car? Why are large-sized vehicles or buses not regulated?
  • The section called The Seven Songs is a detour of the Oirase Sega Stream The road is narrow road with and a lot of sharp curves so it is not possible for large-sized vehicles to pass. For this reason, we allow large vehicles to pass through the Oirase Stream.

6 Is it also not possible to pass with low-pollution emission vehicles (hybrid cars)?
  • It designed to eliminate road congestion and improve the environment of the mountain stream. We are sorry, but thank you for you cooperation with the road closure.

7 Will you regulate my car next year too?
  • It is scheduld from Monday, October 21, 2024 to Sunday, October 27, 2024, but an official decision has not been made yet.

8 Are wheelchairs, handicapped, elderly personnel are also regulated?
  • You can pass if riding with the persons with a difficulty walking.
    ※Brochure[ Difficulty walking who use vehicle specification.

  • Please speak to the policeman at the entrance of the regulation section.

9 What are the regulated vehicles?
  • Private vehicles and Motorcycle.

  • Large size vehicle, specified mid-sized vehicle, taxis, hired vehicles, small special vehicle, and persons with disabilities are not subject to regulation.

〔Specific mid-size vehicle〕


Vehicle total weight between 8 and 11 tons.


Maximum loading capacity between 5 and 6.5 tons.


The passenger capacity Less than 29 11 or more.

 ・Chartered bus
 ・Truck (5 tons or more)
 ※RV is not applicable.
To summarize in a license plate


license plate Ooban
Large-size vehicle, specific mid-size vehicle (truck)


license plate Ooban
Large-size vehicle (bus)


license plate Chuban
Specific mid-size vehicle (chartered bus)

〔Small Special Vehicle〕
 Maximum speed 15km/h or less
 The total length 4.7m or less
 Overall width 1.7m below
 Height 2.8m (2.0m) below
  • Agricultural automobiles (agrimotor, chemical scattering vehicle, harvesting working vehicle, etc)

  • Construction machinery (Standards are for Shovel loaders, Tire roller, Grader, Load stabilizers, Scraper, Rotary snow remover, Asphalt finisher, Tire dozers etc)

 ※Small truck is not applicable.