Details of private vehicle traffic restrictions / parking lot guide

Parking lot

To the person(s) arriving by privatly owned vehicle during a private vehicle traffic restriction.
During private vehicles restriction periods, please refrain from driving into restricted areas.
If you are traveling to Oirase Keiryu by private vehicle or sightseeing bus, please park at Yakeyama (Oirase Keiryu Onsen Ski Resort) parking lot (free) or Yasumiya parking lot (charge) then use the shuttle bus (charge).
Yasumiya parking lot (640 space avaliable)
  • Yasumiyakita parking lot
  • Yasumiyaminami parking lot
Yakeyama parking lot (420 space avaliable)
  • Oirase Keiryu Onsen Ski Resort 1
  • Oirase Keiryu Onsen Ski Resort 2
  • Oirase Keiryu Onsen Ski Resort 3