The overview of the Oirase Stream Eco-tourism project

For the natural environment of the conservation of the Oirase Stream.
Take your time to enjoy the beautiful clear stream and Beech forest.

Towada-Hachimantai ˹ Oirase Stream ˼ possesses the valuable natural environment and the beautiful landscape which should leave it in posterity, and the importance to preservation it. At the same time, scenic spots to represent the Aomori prefecture to visit from outside the prefecture about 2 million people per year, as a tourist destination to further tourism in the future.

Therefore, let the govenrment and the people recommend the acitivites necessary to ensure the natural conservation of the [Oirase Stream]. Industrial tourism and natural environmental preservations were organized by the institution of administrative "Oirase Stream Eco-Tourism project Executive Committee" [PDF:89KB] thus developing the Oirase Stream Eco Tourism project of 2008.

Oirase Stream Eco-Tourism project is the activity contributing to natural environmental protection of Oirase Stream. Tourists participating in the private vehicle traffic restriction measures during in 5th week of October, understand the true value environmental protection for Aomori residents and the surrounding area. It is aimed at regional earthly improvements concerned which harnessing the natural environment and sightseeing promotions.

By cooperating with the Public and Private sectors we hope to provide an opportunity which improves the value of nature and the disseminate the original charm of Oirase Stream across the nation.


To jointly promote activities in the Public and Private sectors to sustain the natural environment of the Oirase Stream.


Activities contributing to the natural enviroment protection of Oirase Stream and through traffic management of private vehicle regulations performed during the 5th week in October.


Understand the full scope of environmental protection is aimed at tourist and Aomori residents as it strives for permanent preservation.


Regional developments take advantage of the natrual environment and is directed towards tourism promotion.

The Oirase Stream private vehicle traffic restriction is carried out after deliberation with [Oirase Towada Utilization Council].